Chin Keong Lam

Chin keong lam, an serials entrepreneur and inventor, founder and CEO of Patho.Ai , creator of World First Ai Platform for Pathology in the field of Cancer Research, having worked on Software Development of Several Startup in IHC Automation Machine using latest Ai technology, have discovered new way to help and accelerate Pathologists and Oncologists around the world to improve the Quality of their work by introducing to them Patho.Ai, An revolutionary completely accelerated way of Machine Learning Based AI Platform to improve their workflow productivity by 100 Fold. 
In additionally, Having Accumulated experience for his recent Successful Exit by founding Palo Alto scientific ,Inc in 2014,  is the creator of , an world first Ai Platform for Sports Gym, profilemyrun, an smart insoles that provide runners proper custom instruction with mobile app to prevent their injury and improve performance leveraging cloud enabled ai platform for . He got the right skills to bring an idea from incubated to Successful Exit brining Good Returnfor investors.  Prior to embarking on wearable world, he founded other companies focusing on ai robotic system . He holds several patents and is part of ieee alumni.