0800-0850  Onsite Registration 

0850-0900  Opening Remark by Conference Moderator

0900-0915  Disruption of Healthcare through AI 

0915-0930  AI’s Role in Simplifying Complex Genetic Data 

0930-0945   AI Application in Healtchare under the Era of Big Data 

0945-1000  Strategy for AI-Driven Drug Discovery  

1000-1015  Machine Learning in Quantitative Medical Image Analysis

1015-1030  Leveraging AI for Medical Diagnosis

1030-1100  Coffee Break & Networking

1100-1115  Empowering Heroes, Transforming Health 

1115-1130  How AI-Assisted Surgery Is Improving Surgical Outcomes 

1130-1145  The Role of AI in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Development Strategy 

1145-1200  International Medical Technology Prospect: AI and Big Data 

1200-1215  A Taxonomy of Use Cases for AI in Healthcare 


1215-1230  Global AI Empower Healthcare Industry Annual Awarding Ceremony 2019 

1230-1400  Buffet Lunch          

1400-1415  Healthcare Servce Provided by AI-Powered Chatbot 

1415-1430  Digital Therapeutics in Hard to Treat Chronic Conditions, Case Study of IBS and IBD 

1430-1445  How to Use AI to Accelerate the R&D of Novel Therapeutics 

1445-1500  How to Use AI and Blockchain Technology to Improve Intelligent Healthcare Service           

1500-1515  AI, Deep Learning in Healthcare           

1515-1530  Bringing Diagnosis to the Most Remote Areas of the World By Artificial Intelligence 

1530-1600  Coffee Break & Networking

1600-1615  How AI can Help Cure Cancers

1615-1630  Automated Pre-Admission Cost of Hospitalization Estimation (APACHE) 

1630-1700  PANEL:  AI in Healthcare from the Investors and Startups Perspectives 

                -How to Invest in AI start-ups in the healthcare industry

                -Real world applications of AI in the healthcare industry 

                -Impact of AI on future jobs in the healthcare industry: Will the AI doctor see you now?

                -The key for AI to work in healthcare is to have clean data to run through the algorithms

               -Important to have a use case for the product versus just having a great algorithm

1700-1800  Healthcare AI Startups Roadshows

1800          Closing Remarks


     Global AI Empowered Healthcare Awards 2019

      Application Method:
      Please submit the application email to the following address 
      email:   info@aiemhe.com        
      Evaluation Timetable:
      Application   Deadline: March 1st, 2019                        
      Award Ceremony: Award ceremony will be held during the conference on March 28th

      award trophy will be conferred to winners

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